For 44 years Captain Tommy has gone down to the sea in ships ranging from Coast Guard Cutters to Tall Ships, vessels large and small, for work and for pleasure. Drawn to the sea at an early age, he recalls his first recollection of something called the “ocean” was when his mother put a seashell to his ear at age 3 and said, "that’s the sound of the ocean."

It was not until much later that he had his first venture onto the saltwater with his friend and mentor Cap’n Lem in the winter of 1964. “And his life has never been the same”. Captain Tommy and Captain Lem’s friendship remained intact through many miles at sea and on land and spans the next 42 years. Captain Tommy recounts one of the greatest blessings of his life was to be with Capt. Lem when he passed away in 2006 at age 86. To honor that friendship and those many years, the little boat is named THE CAPTAIN LEMUEL R BRIGMAN III or if you prefer, just the Cap’n Lem for short.

As a licensed master of ocean vessels, Captain Tommy is well versed in all aspects of navigation including the old arts of celestial navigation and the new sciences of electronic navigation and will be relying on all of them at one time or another.

Captain Tommy has licenses for:
Chief Mate, Unlimited tonnage, ocean, motor and steam.
Master, 1600 ton, ocean, motor and steam.
Master Fishing Vessels, 5000 ton, ocean.
Master Sailing, 150 ton, ocean.
GMDSS operator and Radar operator.

Email Captain Tommy at: tommy at sign arcticsolosail dot com