Expecting to be locked in the ice for up to 2 years, Tommy’s initial plan called for a heavy dual hulled steel boat and extensive supplies. With the unprecedented opening of the Northwest Passage in 2007, a radically different approach was possible. After talking to various designers and builders, Tommy decided to look for a production boat what would meet and, in some instances, exceed his new requirements. He decided on the Corsair F-31 UC based on availability, speed (approaching 20 knots or 23 mph) and reputation, plus the added feature of its ability to be towed down the highway at 55 mph. This boat is in keeping with Tommy’s goal of going light, going fast and going now. Though many may argue the vessel is too light in displacement for such an undertaking, Captain Tommy is convinced it more than makes up for it in its other attributes of speed and agility to compensate.

3388 nautical miles have been completed. With the Great Lakes Adventure behind, the CAP'N LEM is poised to make to the north. The farthermost southern and eastern points of the journy have been reached.

The transit through the Lakes and the Majestic St. Lawrence River and Seaway was a journey not to be missed. And the wonderful people met along not to be forgotten.

Come alone, too! This is your adventure as well.